Uponor Looks To Tap The Internet Of Water



screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-5-06-34-pmBy Nick Williams, Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal

“Uponor, a global manufacturer of plumbing pipes and hoses, is preparing to launch its new intelligent water system technology that will bring the Apple Valley manufacturer deeper into the internet of things market.

Phyn, a joint venture between Uponor and Belkin International, a maker of connectivity devices, will manufacture water sensing devices that will be attached to main water lines.”

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  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    Interesting stuff. The joint venture is 7 months old and it’s still a year out from production, this is not a new development.

    It would be good to understand more about the market size/potential for revenue, some details of Phyn’s operational plan, or the impact of Uponor NA jobs in Apple Valley? The conclusion is worth noting:

    “Water will be an issue, even in Minnesota, with as much rain and snow as we get,” Gray said. “I believe it is the next oil in the sense of where humans are going to have conflict. In parts of the world, that already is the case.”