Minnesota Tech Community Champion 2016: Glafira Marcon

by The TECHdotMN Team



Glafira Marcon is our Minnesota Tech Community Champion 2016

When Healthcare.MN was formed in 2013 by entrepreneurs and for entreprenuers, it marked a movement in Minnesota at the convergence of healthcare and technology. For two years, group founders — Pete Kane, Thompson Aderinkomi, and Solome Tibebu — built their meetup to fast become the place for health tech startups to gather, to learn, and to launch.

As time passed, so did their leadership. Kane and Tibebu gravitated to the coasts while Aderinkomi went all in on his fledgling startup.  Yet Healthcare.MN didn’t stagnate or wither away throughout these changes, instead, the growing pains have since brought out the best in this community under the new direction of volunteer Glafira Marcon.