Minnesota Tech Exec of the Year 2016: Cheri Beranek

by The TECHdotMN Team



Cheri Beranek is our Minnesota Tech Exec of the Year 2016

Clearfield’s success this year, with a stock price up ~48%, isn’t a flash in the pan for CEO Cheri Beranek, it’s the culmination of nearly ten years ongoing effort. If CEO of the decade was a thing, then Beranek is built to last.

Growth in the technology sector near and far has been made possible by fiber optical networks to the home, the office, the coffee shop, the hotel room, and everywhere in between.  Connectivity is everything in today’s world: we all want whatever we want whenever we want it. Oh, and make it even faster when there’s money on the line.

The higher level of connectivity, the more productive companies are. The communities where high speed broadband is available are the ones where the jobs are going and staying.  Behind the science of telecommunications, which we tend to just take for granted, is a local business that’s delivering success with the numbers to prove it.