Augeo Acquires Edo Interactive

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Augeo_Logo“ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 18, 2017 — Augeo, a leader in consumer and employee engagement and incentive programs across all industries, today announced the acquisition of Edo Interactive, a leader in the card-linked offer industry.”

Based in Nashville, Edo Interactive is the pioneer in card-linked offers, providing a premier software platform connecting targeted merchant offers to credit and debit cardholders in both the US and Europe.”

Over the past 10 years, Edo has worked with hundreds of national and local merchants from major categories including retail, restaurants, grocery, sporting goods and hotels, among others. Partnered with these merchants, Edo’s focus has been on tailored digital marketing campaigns designed to deliver against custom ROI requirements specified by each merchant.

This acquisition adds depth to Augeo’s already extensive loyalty and engagement offerings with robust analytical and targeting capabilities essential to Augeo’s strategy for card-linked offer value creation, while providing Edo access to a larger customer base and diversified organization.

Augeo has quietly tested and now successfully launched a card-linked loyalty strategy that it believes is the next evolution in the industry.

“In a rapidly evolving world of customer loyalty and incentive programs, Augeo and Edo Interactive are creating an easier way for our customers and consumers to benefit from merchant offers,” said David Kristal, CEO of Augeo. “Both Augeo and Edo take a highly analytical approach that is driving the new evolution of card-linked loyalty and creating significant and sustainable marketing returns for participating merchants, financial institutions and cardholders.”

In the past two years, Augeo’s offerings have demonstrated significant success in delivering growth in targeted spend at participating merchants, doubling cardholder spend for a period of time among various portfolios.

“With Augeo, the combination of our platforms helps solve the challenges many others face with content and delivers the strategy, data insight and analytics required for programs to be sustainable and successful,” said Ed Braswell, CEO of Edo Interactive. “Heading into 2017, we intend to deliver the next generation of card-linked loyalty with the most premier partners in the space.”

The acquisition of Edo Interactive marks the ninth for Augeo since 2007. The company has experienced double digit growth since 2007, averaging over 40 percent growth per year.

While Augeo’s headquarters are in St. Paul, Minnesota, Edo Interactive’s operations will remain intact with account, technology and customer support teams working out of Edo’s Nashville office and Augeo’s Chicago (Naperville) office. Augeo will preserve the Edo brand in addition to Augeo’s already existing Ampre brand.

About Augeo

Augeo is a nationally recognized leader in engagement, loyalty and incentive platforms with a focus on developing new solutions and innovative technology for clients, partners, merchants and consumers. Augeo operates separate business units in consumer and customer loyalty, financial institution loyalty, employee recognition, membership benefit solutions and agency/branding services. Augeo serves both domestic and international programs and currently supports over 55 countries in 8 languages. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Augeo also has offices in the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Boston, New York, Atlanta and Phoenix. For more information, visit

About Edo Interactive
Edo Interactive has transformed shopping and saving by partnering with merchant, payment and data networks. Delivering value to advertisers, financial institutions and consumers through analytics, technology and targeted marketing, Edo is known for providing higher level personalization, managing and adjusting merchant campaigns on a continuous basis. For more information, please visit