Jamf Hits Record Growth Surpassing $100m Billings



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“MINNEAPOLIS, MN–(Marketwired – Jan 19, 2017) – Jamf, the leader in Apple device management, concluded 2016 with another year of record growth, expanding its base of customers 49 percent over 2015.

The company surpassed the $100 million mark for the first time, achieving more than $110 million in total annual billings, which represents 38 percent growth. Further, Jamf grew its count of total managed Apple devices 37 percent, which includes Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TVs.”

Company Milestones: More than 3,200 new customers chose Jamf to help them deploy and manage their Apple devices in 2016, nearly 70 percent more than any other year in Jamf’s history. Today, nearly 10,000 global organizations rely on Jamf for their Apple management needs. These organizations include:

19 of the top 25 most valuable global brands.
Eight of the world’s top 10 technology companies.
Nine of the top 10 most prestigious consulting firms.
Nine of the top 10 U.S. banks.
5,000 K-12 and higher education schools empowering three million students.
Eight of the top 10 ranked global universities.

To support this growth, Jamf hired more than 100 new employees and doubled its international headcount while maintaining an employee retention rate greater than 90 percent. Jamf also moved its Minneapolis headquarters to 100 Washington Square, an emerging technology hub in Minneapolis.

Seeing significant growth in its customer base, especially in cloud deployments (more than 70 percent of new customers chose to deploy in the cloud), Jamf opted to drop “Software” from its company name, and is now Jamf. To simplify product positioning, Jamf’s flagship products were renamed Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) and Jamf Now (formerly Bushel). While Jamf Pro is designed for IT professionals, Jamf Now provides a simple and immediate Apple management solution for small and medium-sized deployments, with no IT experience needed.

Product Innovation
With eight significant product releases, 2016 was marked by new functionality that unlocked key Apple features while greatly simplifying time-consuming IT tasks and empowering end users. In addition, Jamf Pro added more than 100 product features requested through Jamf Nation, representing 82 percent growth over the prior year. In March, Jamf Pro unlocked new iOS functionality, including highly anticipated and powerful educational features, such as Apple’s new Classroom app, Shared iPad and Apple School Manager. Blueprints for Jamf Now launched in April, delivering non-technical users an easy way to customize and deploy select apps and settings to groups of devices. Building on that capability, Industry Recommendations became available in September, enabling users to easily select curated apps and pre-configured settings for their specific industry. In September, Jamf also announced it was the first and only provider with pre-day zero support for Apple’s fall releases, including iOS 10 and macOS 10.12.

Monumental Implementations
First Apple Automated Hospital Room
Opened in November 2016, UC San Diego (UCSD) Health’s Jacobs Medical Center became the first hospital to equip all 245 of its patient rooms with an iPad and Apple TV. With its goal to transform the patient experience by engaging and communicating patient health information through hospital-supplied iPads, UCSD uses Jamf to make its vision a reality. Relying on Jamf to automatically digitally sterilize and set up iPads for each new patient, UCSD ensures HIPAA compliance without burdening the hospital’s IT and care teams. Further, patient iPads are used for entertainment, social engagement and hospital room automation, controlling all network connected things like blinds, lights, temperature and television.

Mac@IBM, the Largest Mac Deployment on Earth
Eighteen months into its Mac@IBM employee choice program, IBM saw record adoption of the Apple platform within the organization. As growth was driven by employee preference, IBM deployed and now manages nearly 100,000 Macs with Jamf, making it the world’s largest Mac deployment. In addition to fulfilling the preferences of its employees, IBM claims that every Mac deployed saves the company money, citing a four-year total cost of ownership advantage over similarly configured PC choices of between $273 and $543.

iPads in Space
Jamf reached new heights (literally) when NASA selected Jamf to remotely and securely manage its first iPads in use at the International Space Station.

Building Community
Jamf Nation, the largest Apple IT community, ended the year with a record 42,000 members, or a 49 percent increase in membership over 2015. In October, many of those community members came together at the largest ever Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC). JNUC 2016 brought together nearly three times as many Apple IT admins compared to previous years, as more than 1,200 in-person attendees traveled for the event, along with more than 1,600 remote attendees who watched the live-streamed keynotes.


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    Incredible YOY growth across key revenue metrics — and in JAMF’s signature customer success event. Congrats!