Startup Weekend Twin Cities Youth 2017 Final Presentations



Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.58.25 AMStartup Weekend Twin Cities Youth came through Minnesota earlier this month for another round of fresh creation.

From pitch to prototype — young coders, designers and business-minded students from high school and college came together for the weekend and formed on 11 teams. The event was organized by Bharat Pulgam, Bobby Isbell, Jack Olmanson, Josh Chang, and Ben Grosse. TECHdotMN captured the final pitches below:

Street Cred [Part 2] – We serve as the platform of communication that connects startup businesses that lack funds

SimPro – a band that send important reminders to optimize productivity in the workplace.

SafeCase – We design and build extraordinary products. iPhone 6/6S case with convenient retractable handle

Quizoo-An app to make going to the zoos more fun

Transparency Farms – Urban vertical farming. Fresh locally grown produce year round.

Ghost Ship – A browser extension that allows users to search, purchase, and ship products online privately/without data collection

Drone Play [Part 2] – Enhancing the drone experience through a line of drone game products that includes access to a community of an amateur drone flight enthusiasts.

BlueJAI – A website that connects millennials with corporations using moral beliefs

BeerMe – An app and software to help bars increase turnover rate

Anchor – Revolutionized post-op knee wear

Blue Hub – Interact with Music