HabitAware Sees Half A Million Investment For Wearable Tech

Local wearable tech startup HabitAware has raised $510k of a $550k round, per recent SEC disclosure.

Co-founded by husband and wife duo Aneela Kumar and Sameer Kumar with partners Kirk Klobe and John Pritchard —  HabitAware’s Keen bracelet is designed to stop bad habits from happening.

The device monitors movement and sends alerts when its wearer may be doing something compulsive such as pulling hair, biting nails, picking skin, or thumb sucking.

HabitAware was born during IoT Hackday 2014, went on to win LogicPD’s Innovation Challenge, and then joined HAX Accelerator in China.

This is the venture’s first formal round of outside investment since HAX and Sameer Kumar had this to say about it:

“The funding from a mix of angels, VC firm SOSV (which runs HAX) and friends/family. is meant to support all company activities up to and past shipping pre-orders (March).  We are focused on making a product that works well for our existing customer base, and getting word out to potential customers and their providers.”



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  • http://paulprins.net Paul Prins

    Slaying it Aneela and Sameer. Keep pushing forward. Excited to hear this announced.

    • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

      ha he said slaying it!

  • Kelly Kuhn-Wallace

    As a “wellness wearable” HabitAware stands out for delivering measurable results (not merely measuring). Outstanding product + outstanding team = more measurable results to come. ;)

  • Joe Henderson

    Congratulations on continuing down the path to well-deserved success!!