Homi Scores More Cash For Student Alumni Connector


Minnesota tech startup Homi has raised a combined $379k based on a pair of new SEC disclsoures [1] [2].

Homi is a platform designed to build meaningful relationships between students and alumni, generating revenue along the way through a recruiting mechanism.

“Students can ask questions, meet interesting alumni and figure out what they want to do after college. Alumni can reconnect with groups they were involved in at school, hire motivated students and give back in ways other than writing a check.”


Homi is as homegrown as they get — after a beta byte interview back in 2015, CEO Philip Xiao toured Minnedemo 22, Beta.MN 2.5  and became a 2016 Minnesota Cup high tech division semifinalist.

They had 10 different schools on board as of August and have previously raised $300k from angel investors, including Spike Rickert.


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