Beta.MN/ Byte: SubBuds Games


Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 1.26.51 PMBeta.MN/ Byte is a series underwritten by Bust Out Solutions and published in collaboration with Beta.MN for the early-stage founders between idea and execution.

What is the name of the company and/or product?

SubBuds Games

What distinct problem does this solve for who?

SubBuds Games aims to solve the problem of athletic teams and leagues that are short of players at the start of organized play. Our users will be provided the opportunity to easily find local teams or pick-up games that are in need of players. SubBuds Games is also a way for individuals to stay active, meet new people and try new sports without long-term commitments.


How did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea on a warm summer day before a kickball game that started at 6 pm. We were short two players and had another stuck in traffic. I jokingly said,”I wish we could just order up a few subs like you do if you were to place an online pizza order.” The idea was born.

What is the full launch/release date planned?

In three to four months, SubBuds Games will launch. Currently working with application developers along with investors.

Who is on the team?

Tyson Jahn

As an online sales entrepreneur in the area of vintage americana, I have a lot of experience with customer service and am very good with time management. Both of these are going to be key in launching SubBuds Games. Also, I have played in many different sports leagues over the past 15 years and have personally identified, and been on teams and subbed for teams, with the problem of not having full rosters at the start of organized play.

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies is used?

PHP servers, Amazon EC2, REST API, and MongoDB (geolocation).

Who is the customer and what is your revenue model?

Our revenue model is advertising. Sporting goods retailers, restaurant/ bars, and health promotion businesses will advertise and be visible on our real-time GPS map, event promotion and/ or game feed. SubBuds Games’ customers are individual users and team captains and they can download the app for free. They will see these businesses when their current location and sporting event to be played are viewed on the map and game feed.

What is the size/scope of your market and how will you scale?

Our app will be utilizing pre-established teams from leagues by offering our free downloadable mobile app on league’s websites. Sizes of leagues can vary but if we look at, there are 28 teams of ten players participating in one night. This is just one league offering one sport one day a week. Since we are the only subbing app on the market, we have the opportunity to take 100% of it.

What is your greatest strength?

SubBuds Games mobile application’s greatest strength is that there is nothing on the market like this. The app is a tool to meet new people, get moving and trying something.

What is your biggest weakness?

Technology flaws, as in security and data protection, are always unpredictable but we are going to do our best to have a backup plan for addressing these potential weaknesses.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

The main resources SubBuds needs to take this to the next level are capital to build the app and personnel to begin contacting leagues to bring awareness to the product.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am excited to continue to develop the app and release it into the world. I am eager to partner with other entrepreneurs to make SubBuds Games a success.