OppSource’s Sales SaaS Is Scaling


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.40.51 AMSales volume is all about speed and Minneapolis-based OppSource is steadily ramping up sales of their own SaaS this year.

Starting in 2008, OppSource began as a “soup to nuts” outsourced 3rd party sales agency for hire, concerned with delivering high quality leads for technology companies.

Throughout time, founders Mark Galloway, Damon Lawson and Dan Metzger always kept an eye on developing a software that they could someday call their own. Using ongoing contract proceeds, they hired and employed developers to create in house tools that would help them deliver more value to customers and profit more from their relationships.

“We took everything that we were learning from our frontline experiences and listened to our customers needs,” Galloway explains.

“We really started solving our own needs first with an internal sales & marketing automation software.”

In May of 2016, OppSource came full circle when what they had cultivated over time was spun-out and offered as a SaaS product alongside their traditional demand generation service.

“Customers wanted more,” Galloway continues. “They were looking for more of an off the shelf service with automated multi-sequence touch plans for email, phone, social, etc. CRM platforms such as Salesforce are not optimally designed to manage the cascading workflow that people in this role need to succeed.”

Galloway claims that sales development representatives (SDR) using their product are experiencing, on average, a 3-4x lift in results based on time saved using OppSource.

In less than a year after release, OppSource claimed nine enterprise customers netting 25o end-user seats. Their projection for 2017 is to exceed 1,000 and they are already 1/3 of the way there.

In response to this trajectory, Galloway has planted a permanent campsite at CoCo St. Paul where eight of eleven full time employees now call home.  Looking ahead, OppSource is open to the notion of partnering with the right investors this year — a process that all three of OppSource’s founders have previously experienced (Adaytum – Cognos $150m).

“The addressible market is growing at such a compounding rate, we’re scaling fast,” he concludes.

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