[UPDATED] NUU Mobile Raises $50k Kickstarter For 4G LTE Global Wi-Fi Device

fTFKbUt8Nuu Mobile, a lesser known Rochester maker of unlocked Android devices, has taken to Kickstarter for a $50k crowdfunding campaign to launch the Konnect i1:

Updated 4/12/17- The company received $51,217 from 81 backers.

“The NUU Konnect i1 provides worldwide 4G LTE service at an affordable flat rate of USD $10/day for unlimited data. The award winning eSIM technology found in the Konnect i1 allows for up to 5 connected devices.

With private network settings, the device caters to the business traveler as well as the global tourist. International travelers will be able to roam on local rates with no contract or sign-up fees, within minutes of arriving at their destination.”

This borderless telecom experience sounds quite compelling for those business travelers who fit the need and have the budget.  While cheaper than the status quo, $300/month for LTE “when available” is still quite an expense, though having up to 5 conntected devices makes it more palatable. Early adopters can get in on the device now for $100 during the 30 day all-or-nothing campaign.