AI Pro Josh Cutler Joins Stealthy Startup Aftercode



Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 9.51.44 AMVia News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS, MN – February 14, 2017 – PRWeb – Aftercode,  an early-stage startup founded in 2016, announced today that Josh Cutler has joined  the firm to lead its artificial intelligence (AI) development efforts.”

Cutler founded Deep  Machine to apply the latest machine learning and statistical techniques to leverage  enterprise data for predictions.

“The Aftercode team is really excited to have Josh join us on our mission to  enhance work life using AI,” said Mitch Coopet, cofounder and CEO of Aftercode,  and previously a cofounder of Code42 Software. “He loves our vision and the big  opportunity we’re addressing.”

Aftercode has not yet publicly announced its product plans and will remain in quiet  mode for the near-term, Coopet added.  “Aftercode is working on an incredibly exciting product,” said Cutler, “one that  involves solving a few extremely difficult AI problems.

When I began thinking  about bringing the skill set we had at Deep Machine to assist Aftercode with  these problems, it became obvious we would simply be better working together.  It’s great to now be joining the impressive Aftercode team.”

Cutler will be leaving his role as founder and CEO of Deep Machine, which will  be wound down by April 2017. He began his career commercializing research at  Microsoft Live Labs from 2005 to 2009. He holds a BS degree in computer science  and math from UW-Madison and later pursued a PhD at Duke University, where  he built predictive models analyzing conflict. He has served in leadership roles at  multiple data-focused startups, and founded and led a company to acquisition.  Most recently, he ran commercial software teams at Minneapolis-based Optum,  a unit of UnitedHealthGroup.