Frontend Masters Growth Prompts Minneapolis Move


frontendmasters_logoMJG International has signed a new five year lease at 60 South Sixth Street, Suite 3625, according to CEO Marc Grabanski.

The move brings Frontend Masters UI development and design workshops from the outskirts of Burnsville to the heart of downtown Minneapolis inside RBC Plaza.

Grabanski says the relocation means Frontend Masters will be closer to the pulse of the local tech community, providing greater access and audience for some 60+ free workshops planned throughout 2017.

The publishing brand began offering workshops in late 2011 as a way for technology professionals to share, learn and grow using tools such as HTML5/CSS3, Javascript and Node.js.  Initially all done in person, Frontend Masters began offering a livestream + video archive in 2013 that has really accelerated their reach and revenues.


Today, thousands of active paying members subscribe to Frontend Masters e-learning service for $39/mo (or $390/year), with team packages delivered to the likes of Apple, Accenture, Starbucks — among hundreds of other corporate clients.

The content itself is prepared and taught by those Grabanski considers “among the best in the world,” like Javascript author Kyle Simpson, Venmo’s Nina Zakharenko and Netflix senior UI engineer Brian Holt.

Collectively, Frontend Masters has produced 60+ videos with over 2 million hours of airtime to date.

“Education can lead to personal growth and professional opportunity…we’re proud to bring the best in class to Minneapolis and offer the live experience for free.”


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  • Kelly Kuhn-Wallace

    Welcome to Minneapolis, Frontend Masters! Frontend devs and learners –> check out the course stack that Marc has developed and keep an eye out for what promises to be an unbelievably rich workshop series. (Excited to hear to FM is growing! Can you tell?)

    • Jeff Pesek

      The kicker here is that Frontend Masters is doing their thing as entrepreneurs – living and dying by the market they exist to serve.

      There are others in the technical education space near and far that compete directly with Frontend Masters using a mixture of corporate welfare, tax avoidance and political favors.

      If anyone out there is questioning how Minnesota can continue to grow its true entrepreneurial base, it’s by directly supporting actual entrepreneurs. Not all ventures/pursuits/solutions are created equal – choose wisely.

  • jgn

    My company has received enormous value from Frontend Masters!