The 2016 Minnesota Tech Capital Review: 83 Ventures Raised $215m


RedPath ContentFor seven consecutive years, we’ve followed the paper trail to bring clarity around the investment climate in Minnesota.

We tallied at least 83 unique Minnesota Tech ventures that raised a cumulative 215,000,000 throughout the course of 2016.

This annual review is underwritten by RedPath and Company and serves as proxy for Minnesota’s tech funding activity, including: crowdfunding, accelerators, angel investments, venture capital, corporate strategic, and private/growth equity.  This does not include off the record transactions and undisclosed deals, so consider it a minimum threshold of activity in the market.

These figures indicate a drop in both the total companies and amount raised when compared to last year when 104 ventures saw $388m. Here is the high level math for 2016, which we will unpack over the coming weeks and discuss at the Midwest Capital Call.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 3.25.57 PM

Here’s a look back at previous years:

2015: 104 companies raised $388m

2014: 119 companies raised $173m

2013: 115 companies raised $182m

2012: 87 companies raised $145m

2011: 92 companies raised $126m

2010: 42 companies raised $60m