The 6th Annual EO RALLY Is For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.22.15 PMWhen it comes to tech events these days, there are plenty of options for the emerging Minnesota tech entrepreneur to consider.

Hosted by the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Minnesota chapter, the sixth annual Entrepreneurs Rally arrives next Wednesday evening in Minneapolis with “no holds barred” speed mentoring for tech entrepreneurs.

The best inputs come from those who practice what they preach, those who have been there before, and can relate firsthand to the realities of entrepreneurship. Even better is advice is backed by results in the form of financial profit – the benchmark of entrepreneurship. Inputs are everything and nothing less will cut it for the entrepreneur serious about success.

The EO Rally promises once again to deliver qualified, tactical advice sourced from the following technology mentors:

Jon Pearce, Founder and CEO, Zipnosis

Cem Erdem, Founder and CEO, Augusoft

Chris Carey, Founder and CEO, Modern Automotive Performance

Igor Epshteyn, Founder and CEO, Coherent Solutions

Darin Lynch, Founder and CEO, Irish Titan

Scott Levin ,Founder and CEO, MidDel Consulting

Vikas Narula, Founder and CEO, Keyhubs

Jeff Lin, Founder and CEO, Bust Out Solutions

Dan Moshe, Founder and CEO, Tech Guru

Jeff Martin, Founder and CEO, Collective Genius / Lead by Change

Raz Bajwa CEO Founder IndusTrack

Vadim Mazo CEO Founder Dotcom-Monitor

Jeff Fritz CEO Healthtel