Stealthy Minnesota Media Startup SeekaTV Opens To The Public



Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.04.08 AMVia News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS & AUSTIN, Texas — The team of entrepreneurs including co-founders of the Dell acquisition Enstratius announced today at SXSW in Austin the public availability of their new online streaming platform, Seeka TV. Seeka TV is the first of a new generation of online platforms that serve both content creators and viewers.”

“The current business model in online streaming works well for the traditional players, but it works poorly for the filmmaker,” states Seeka TV co-founder and CEO David Bagley. “Our approach is simple. If we build a platform that solves filmmaker needs, we will attract the best content. If we attract the best content, we’ll attract viewers.”

Traditional options for filmmakers focus on streaming the show. Web series delivery is much more than a place to stream, however. It’s about creating and building an audience, engaging with the audience, and then finding ways both to make money off the show as well as fund new shows. Seeka TV co-founder and VP of Programming George Reese notes, “One of my motivations behind Seeka TV is my experience as a filmmaker. Web series creators want to get back to making the next episode or the next season or the next series. They don’t want to be out there begging for viewers, begging for likes, and begging for money.”

On top of Seeka TV’s online streaming services is a complete social viewing platform that integrates with popular social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook. Viewers can easily share the shows they like and commentary on those shows with their friends and followers. In fact, viewers can interact in real-time through scheduled Watch Parties that enable a group of friends to watch a show together with a single play/pause control and chat panel.

The promise of Seeka TV has drawn some of the top web series online today. One of the creators of Austin’s award winning web series The Pantsless Detective, Dipu Bhattacharya said of his rationale for joining the Seeka TV lineup, “George is both an independent filmmaker and a veteran of the high-tech industry, like we are, and that showed in his understanding of the challenges facing both creators and distributors today. We were really impressed with the roadmap for Seeka TV and just couldn’t pass up a chance to be part of this platform from the ground up.”

Matt Anderson, the creator of Minneapolis-based Theater People, states, “When we launched Theater People, the web series landscape was pretty much unmapped. Five years later… it’s still pretty much unmapped. How do you find a good show? How does a good show find you? What excites me most about Seeka TV is that they’re creating a beacon not just for viewers, but also for filmmakers—a spotlight that connects content with an audience to the benefit of both.”

About Seeka TV
Seeka TV is a next-generation curated platform carrying the best independent web series content and is available free to the public starting.  Our lineup of more than 300 episodes across more than 40 shows includes many of the most highly lauded web series. Seeka TV was founded in 2016 with headquarters in Minneapolis when Enstratius founders David Bagley (CEO) and George Reese (VP of Programming) joined with Dell Software CTO Donald Ferguson to build a filmmaker-oriented social viewing platform.