Holding Space At The Midwest Capital Call 2017

by The TECHdotMN Team


ad-techdotmn-midwestcapitalcall2017(1)We’re changing up the Midwest Capital Call this year in the essence of evolution.

As we enter iteration number four, the purpose remains the same: bring tech entrepreneurs and investors together in person for candid and enlightening conversations.

To connect, to learn, and to grow the fruits of labor.

The approach itself has always been experimental from an organizational aspect, though naturally, we emulated what came before and set the stage: panels.  While the value of any words, advice or ideas rests upon the qualifications of the source(s), and panels promise to vet and concentrate such qualities, they do have obvious limitations.

And we’ve tested other variables — from banning suits and charging service providers to 100% crowd-sourced real time Q&A, keynotes, pitches, happy hours and private dinners.  Event participants have always demonstrated an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from their experience, though we’re wondering…what’s next?

So like those rethinking demo days, we are curious about new methods to better serve the core of what matters most to entrepreneurs and investors on this rare annual occasion.   With the same intentions in mind, we are introducing new designs to accelerate the interpersonal relationships that form prosperous partnerships between investors and entrepreneurs.

In another first this, the entire experience will be off the record, not filmed and free from any outside scrutiny. The topics of conversation will be unlike any before it and after it, for windows of opportunity like this are fleeting.

We are excited to break bread with and cheers to those who make, do and create — because it’s an honor to hold space for you this year.


  • https://www.facebook.com/collectivityUS?ref=hl Scott D. Cole

    Cool – sounds mysterious, exciting, and inspiring. Looking forward to it!

  • Al Baker

    Jeff, are you trying to sell us timeshares in San Diego?!