New Nonprofit Coders Of TMRW Targets After School Programming

Can a new Minnesota nonprofit prepare the kids of today to be the Coders of TMRW ?

That’s the vision of Executive Director Tessa Kriesel, who recently formed the tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization to provide after school programming, in the most literal sense.

Taught by a local instructor sourced from Minnesota’s tech community, Coders of TMRW plans to provide 1-2 hour classes for Minnesota’s K-12 student once a week over the course of their school year.

Areas of focus span an introduction to web development, introduction to computer programming, game development, building robots, and other language specific courses based on the volunteer instructors skill sets.

“We have curriculum ideas and templates, though are open to what the instructor and the students want,” she explains, describing the fluidity. “Guest speakers, hackathons and summer camps are all on the table as well.”

Kriesel is currently joined on the pursuit by Fundraising Manager Andrew Wilson and Creative Director Karly Anderson, with a goal of adding additional individuals over time, correlating to the demand for Coders of Tmrw’s proposition.

The nonprofit is already piloting after school programs with Hiawatha Collegiate High School, a charter in Minneapolis, while she says others are lining up to participate going into the 2017-2018 school year ahead.

But like any nonprofit initiative, the big questions revolve not around intentions and ideals, but execution and financial sustainability. Kriesel believes the model can work off little to no extracurricular funding, though she sees opportunity at hand for those local tech companies who choose to reinvest into their employees of tmrw.


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  • Tessa K.

    Please reach out if anyone wants to get involved by volunteering, teaching or on our leadership team!