Homegrown Hackers Rake $140k on Kickstarter For Macchina M2

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A pair of Minneapolis motor enthusiasts have become tech entrepreneurs since closing on $140k in backing from some 1,463 supporters on Kickstarter who want in on the action.

The successful crowdfunding campaign clearly appealed to DIYers seeking Macchina’s M2 open source device + platform to tinker on their own cars in a read and write sort of way. The nascent St. Paul based company pre-sold hundreds of products that yielded nearly 5 times their minimum goal of $25k — that’s demand generation in action!

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This campaign is the catalyst for Earl Sharpe and Josh Sharpe, who run the show at Macchina.  They envision a new type of electronics company + community for modifying cars with relatively inexpensive open source tools like the one they brought to Kickstarter.

“We want you to take these tools, root your ride and personalize it the way you see fit. We can all learn a lot about cars and electronics along the way…we are making Macchina.cc more than just a store for hardware and tools, but also a hub for learning and dissecting everything about cars.”

Minnesota’s tech community has given rise to a surprising number of new hardware products that have found their way via Kickstarter over the years. SmartThings and Spark are the largest wins on record — though they opted to take their money and run.

Meanwhile, we saw Zivix jam on with a wearable, Timelapse+ VIEW invented a wifi camera, Squishy Circuits for teaching kids, FLUID for water measurement, there’s Hidrate’s smart bottle, and Rochester mobile startup is manufacturing open Androids.