Thank You Sponsor: Leadpages

by The TECHdotMN Team

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 12.09.01 PMIt is important we recognize those who sponsor TECHdotMN because their financial reinvestment advances Minnesota’s technology industry.

What does Leadpages do?

At Leadpages, we create software that helps businesses grow by collecting more leads and converting more customers. We also help marketers automate their marketing stack through Center (launched in 2016) and run sophisticated, automated email marketing campaigns through Drip (which we acquired last year). Together, these tools let large enterprises and DIY marketers alike engage their audiences and rapidly increase their revenue.

How did Leadpages start?

Clay Collins and Tracy Simmons officially founded Leadpages in January 2013 after Clay discovered a huge demand for the landing-page templates he’d begun creating and releasing via his popular marketing blog. In 2016, our team and customer base expanded when Leadpages joined forces with Drip, convincing cofounders Rob Walling and Derrick Reimer and other members of the Drip crew to move from California to our headquarters in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis.

What is unique about Leadpages?

We have a pretty remarkable community that extends both inside and outside the building. Regardless of their job title, the majority of our 125+ employees spend time talking to our 46,000+ customers and other people in our market every week. And those customers share their knowledge generously with us and with each other, whether it’s in our members’ Facebook group or at our annual Converted conference in October.

As strong believers in the idea of the open marketing-technology stack, we also treasure our partnerships and integrations with other software companies. We’re lucky to be surrounded by so many sources of inspiration in our industry and local tech community alike.

Why does Leadpages sponsor TECHdotMN?

We value TECHdotMN both for its in-depth reporting and for all the connections between people and companies it enables. It’s one of the first places we think about when we’re talking about our local tech scene, and we’ve enjoyed watching it grow.

How could Minnesota’s tech industry improve?

We’re always hoping to see more scrappy startups spring up around us in Minnesota and watch them thrive. There’s nowhere we’d rather be working in tech right now.