PubConf Is Crashing Nomad World Pub Next Month

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London, Oslo, Sydney…Minneapolis.

PubConf is crashing Nomad World Pub on April 21 when a gaggle of humans tackle technical themes armed with nothing but their best attempts at humor.

Pick an esoteric topic, dissect that into 20 slides that automatically change every 15 seconds, sprinkle some shenanigans on top — and who knows what comes out?

“If you were to condense the best part of a week-long software conference into one weird evening then you have PubConf,” says local organizer Todd Gardner, who is willing to admit he only formed the event as “an overly elaborate scheme for people to buy me beer.”

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If that’s not enough to compel you, there’s an improv battle for gluttons of punishment who want to take the stage and “bullshit their way through a blind deck.”

This is PubConf’s fifth appearance and a first for Minneapolis before taking off again to Oslo, Sydney and Kansas City to round out the 2017 tour. Godspeed.


  • Todd H Gardner

    “an overly elaborate scheme for people to buy me beer.” hahaha

  • justincardinal

    Can we drop “neckbeards”? It’s not applicable to any of the speakers for both age and gender reasons.

    • Jeff Pesek

      you’re right, i was wrong

      • justincardinal

        Thanks Jeff!

      • C Petri

        Jeff 5 weeks ago i contacted you re GeaCom .
        5 years later since taken public $, no sales and Lawsuits .
        I am now sending info to C Allen Contact me if you want.
        Star Tribune has details and published it already.