It’s Game On At Minnebar For MMMIMA2

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Earth Beat VR

By Troy Strand

Nestled the Learning Center at Best Buy on Saturday was an increasingly familiar site: Minnesota game developers showing off their latest creations.

MinneBar played host to the second annual Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade (MMMIMA2) last week, featuring twelve video games by the following local developers:

New One

Newt One by DevNAri is described as “a fun, colorful and musical 3D platformer.” A central mechanic to the game is nonviolent exploration featuring a soundtrack that evolves as the player progresses through the game, awakening the flora and fauna of the vibrant world.

anti piracy

anti|piracy by Tribe Games combines classic dodge ’em up action with a minimalist aesthetic. It features single and multiplayer support with a simple concept: dodge all the enemy shapes.

verdant skies

Verdant Skies is being developed by Howling Moon Software. This life simulation game boasts complex character relationships, farming, crafting, and exploration.

Trigger Discipline

Victor Thompson designed Trigger Discipline. The entire arcade action game is rendered in ASCII text and runs in the terminal — it can even be played remotely via telnet or ssh.


Fingeance is a four-player shoot-em-up by Escape Industries. Favoring strategy and teamwork, it tells the story of four fish who have lost their gills and must battle other denizens of the sea to get them back.

Chimera Genesis

Chimera Genesis is being developed by North Games. A four player cooperative adventure game, the central mechanic is finding and stealing limbs from other creatures to gain new abilities.


Joggernauts by Space Mace is a cooperative auto-runner for up to four players. Teammates must work together to navigate color-coded platforming levels with a unique alien cast.

Claw BreakersClaw Breaker was developed by Team Claw for the 2015 Midwest Game Jam. Players go head to head as battling crabs with a unique controller layout designed to capture the feeling of an actual crab fight.


Glowbots by Alex Carlson is described as a “couch multiplayer arena fighter robot deathmatch.” The geometric design features bright colors and an intense electronic soundtrack.

The Legend of Equip Pants

Zachchstronaut developed The Legend of Equip Pants, an “episodic, puntastic pantsventure comedy RPG.” The goal is first to get some pants, then to upgrade those pants while fighting evil villains along the way.

Action Go

Action Go was made by Abstract Puzzle LLC. It’s a mashup of Tetris and the ancient strategy game Go, featuring an eastern art style and combining deep strategic elements with modern puzzle gameplay.

Earth Beat VR

Earth Beat VR was developed by a team of indies during the 2017 Global Game Jam. This unique game utilizes asymmetrical gameplay where one player wears a VR headset and controls a monster with stretchy arms (picture those vending machine prizes) trying to take down airplanes controlled by up to four players on a PC.


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