~3/4 Readers: “Innovation” Is Dead

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.38.17 AM220 readers cast a vote over the past two weeks in our March meta poll: Is “Innovation” dead or alive?

71% say “Innovation” is dead, 17% say “Innovation” is alive, and 11% are on the fence about it.

This poll was not about the actual act of inventing/ improving on a new idea, device or method (once a definition of innovation) — rather the abuse of a word in tech that’s become so diluted it no longer has any meaning to it.

So we’re purging “Innovation” from our site vocabulary going forward!

For entrepreneurs and their respective business, it suggests there could be a better way or word to convey your messaging that has greater substance to it. For the rest, well, use your best judgement. Say what you will and always keep in mind the power — or lack thereof — in your choice of words.


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