Thank You Sponsor: Metiix

by The TECHdotMN Team

Metix TECHdotMN SponsorIt is important we recognize those who sponsor TECHdotMN because their financial reinvestment advances Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank You Metiix!

What does Metiix do?

We provide data protection for hundreds of companies, thousands of servers, totaling petabytes of data across the country. We protect servers, endpoint devices, and data with a focus on high availability and near instant recoveries.

While at the same time tackling history, retention, and long term archive. Moving data and snap shots (images) in a grid or mesh style across our customers own locations and possibly folding in secure clouds for off site retention. We are an on-demand managed service, monitoring our customers daily, with alerting and proactive support.

When, why and how did Metiix start?

Metiix began in 2008 as an effort to provide a data protection service that would span many types of backup and recovery scenarios. Giving customers the freedom to choose how and where their data was being stored. Either to their own disk and across owned locations in a “grid” or “meshed” environment, or by using secure clouds, or combining the two.

Metiix is made up of a team of seasoned IT administrators, network administrators, backup administrators, code, cloud and hardware experts. All coming together to provide a seamless on-demand, monitored, and manged service for our customers. Removing the complexity, learning curve, and guess work from the data protection and disaster recovery equation. Over the years we have expanded to protect data throughout the country and several corners of the world.

However our roots remain firmly in Minnesota and most of our customers are here. We protect data for every type of industry, professional occupation, as well as government, city, state and educational establishments.

What is something unique about Metiix?

We move our customers away from a system ruled by reacting to situations to a preventative system that is predictable and proactive. Metiix employs a staff of tier two data protection and network administrators who monitor each customers backup and restoration health daily. Our teams have an intimate knowledge of our customers backup habits, networks, and restoration requirements. We can resolve problems quickly an assist with any network issues expeditiously and accurately. We steer away from contracts and proprietary hardware, to allow data to flow as the customer dictates. At Metiix we provide a suite of software products which are offered on-tap to our custom base.

Software can be deployed and migrated to and from when needed.

It is assumed that a technology or software provider have extended knowledge on how the software or hardware works.  It is critical that they can assist within a particular environment, industry, or line of business to meet specific requirements with real world experience, and back it up with daily attentiveness. Metiix systematic monitoring and core services bridges this gap going above and beyond to exceed expectations on a daily basis.

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

TECHdotMN brings to light the Minnesota technical experience. In the past there where only a handful of publications or services that featured Minnesota technology. They did not focus solely on tech or build an understanding over time of what technology in Minnesota is about, where it is today, or where it is headed. The nature of our service tends to attract those organizations who are on the forefront of technology and our customers read TECHdotMN.

What is your take on Minnesota’s tech industry?

It seems today that companies in Minnesota are more outsource friendly. Slipping away are the days of the large IT staff at small to medium sized businesses. You won’t frequently see at an organization a large IT staff of six (6) diversified individuals with clear titles such as network admin, SQL admin, backup admin, etc. More common at anorganization in this era is to see one or two IT professionals wearing all of the hats and the rest of the work being outsourced for specific expertise on a project basis.

Today MN tech companies have to use technology to fill the gaps between available man power and the project at hand. We feel lucky to work in a state that places an emphasis on technology and forward thinking practices to get the job done with the most efficiency while still keeping things result orientated.