IoT Fuse Has Set A New Standard This Year


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 1.38.15 PM

IoTFuse conference organizers L-R: Paul Seim, Justin Grammens, Patrick Delaney, and Daniel Feldman on Friday.

“We have the fastest growing IoT Community per capita in the US,” asserts Patrick Delaney, who says he has the research to support it. What was anticipated to approach 1,000 tickets had officially topped 1,100 by the time today’s IoT love fest commenced at the Minneapolis Convention Center. That’s more than double the size from the year before, for a conference that’s only 3 years young.

Months in the making, IoT Fuse has become so large and that its organizers have resorted to hiring an outside management company to execute on the minutiae of the day. No amount of techies, or technology, can replace the human capacities necessary to keep an event at this scale this on the rails from start to finish.

Speakers and attendees from across the country are gathering to meet and great, learn, and connect all the things along the way.  From the known quantities of Amazon, Arrow, Microsoft and Digi International to the yet to launch startups, the industry is concentrated right here, right now in Minnesota.

As the IoT arms race heats up, its unclear who the next generation of victors will be — though there’s a pretty good chance that they are in Minnesota, at least for today, thanks to IoTFuse.


  • Kevin Spanbauer

    Congratulations on a successful event! It’s not easy pulling off an event of this magnitude. Let’s keep the Internet of Things movement right here in Minnesota!

    • Patrick Delaney

      Thanks, Kevin!

  • Paul Lampland

    The Rainforest Connection during morning keynote was unforgettable. Event was a step up from last year, congratulations.