Candor With Angie Eilers

by The TECHdotMN Team


Arthur Ventures Candor

Thanks to sponsor Arthur Ventures, we’re bringing Candor back with co-host Dr. Sherry Walling — a Minneapolis-based clinical psychologist who specializes in working with founders and CEOs.

Our guest Angie Eilers is a former academic researcher gone all out tech entrepreneur with UR TURN, an edutech software solution addressing the nationwide problem with high school drop out rates.

Candor is the quality of being open in expression and this podcast is about the mental and emotional aspects of entrepreneurship.


In addition to her professional training at Yale, Fuller, and Boston University, Sherry has seventeen years of experience in the start-up world through her marriage to serial software founder, Rob Walling. She hosts the Zen Founder podcast about entrepreneurship and mental health, and speaks around the world about entrepreneurship and mental health. To learn more about her work, find her at or @zenfounder.


Candor With Justin Kaufenberg


  • Clay Collins

    Wow. So cool that you are doing these with Jeff. Thank you for contributing to the Minnesota tech ecosystem.