Hackers & Founders Minneapolis Chapter Scales Past 2,000 Members


Hackers and Founders Minneapolis has recently surpassed 2,000 members from the Minnesota tech community as a testament to organic growth underway right in front of us all.

This local chapter of a broader global network is a classic example of thriving entrepreneurial communities that are led by actual entrepreneurs.  In this case, the leaders are Doug DeBold and Zach McGill, cofounders of Perk Health:

Doug DeBoldZach McGill


“The first one was Aug 28th 2014. I can hardly believe it now that you ask,” says McGill.  “There, I stood on a chair and told everyone this event is about them and building the community…that was the last time we made an announcement. The group continues to grow under its own power, I’m not sure we could shut it down now if we wanted to.”

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“We don’t ask people to wear name tags, pitch, listen to a speaker, or anything else other than find ways to help each other out. It’s just like-minded people drinking beer and getting to know each other,” elaborating on their recipe for success.

This hands off approach is further fueled by the fact these two have consistently shown up month after month, for going on two years, without intentions of changing. What’s in it for them?

“Personally, I’ve made some sweet new entrepreneurial friends, and for Perk Health, it’s helped us find great hackers which has totally saved us a mountain of money on product development.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee that you won’t bump into someone there who is neither a hacker nor a founder — though that’s just a risk that inevitably comes with the territory of tech.