Anser Innovation is Raising $3m To Develop A New Product Line

Burnsville tech venture Anser Innovation, parent company of PetChatz, is raising $3m with $500k closed per this disclosure.

CEO Lisa Lavin says the capital is in pursuit of an ‘audio/visual medication management system’, generically prototyped below, applied towards increasing medication adherence.

People not taking their medications as prescribed, taking the wrong ones, or taking to much is a huge cost to the US healthcare system, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

It’s so large in fact, that there are multiple tech companies in Minnesota alone addressing the problem in one form or another, including: DOSE Health, Medication Health, Medication Management Systems, MyMeds, Vidscrip, Geneticure and OneOme.

“This driver of healthcare expense is as simple as not taking the right medication at the right time,” Lavin says. “We are in talks with partners who see high value in solving this.”

The system in question is somewhat similar to Anser’s first product in the market, PetChatz, which is designed to enable audio, video, and remote interactions between pets and their owners. For Lavin, the same mechanics apply, albeit this new market is about patients and their caretakers.

“PetChatz is going well and becoming a household name in the connected device animal world.  We’ve learned a lot so far about what works and what doesn’t and are excited to jump into this new market.”

Anser Innovation has received $5.6m total capitalization from angel investors to date.


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