New York HQ Anaren Is Breaking Into Minnesota’s IoT Scene


Syracuse, New York-based Anaren is spreading into Minnesota with the recent hire of Jeff Liebl, recently named President of Anaren’s newly formed IoT Group.

Liebl joins Anaren after a stint of consulting and brings a diverse background spanning from wireless networking and big data to marketing.  Locally, Liebl has worked with Digi International, eBureau, and SportsEngine, among others.

The 50 year old company has made it’s mark in the electronics industry for decades — from microwaves to embedded hardware, and now cloud software — Anaren’s roots are found in the Space/Defense and wireless infrastructure realm. Once public, now private, the company employs about 1,000 people between offices in Colorado, New Hampshire, and manufacturing in China.

Liebl says his first order of business is building out the user base for Anaren’s Atmosphere IoT cloud software platform, which counts 3,400 registered accounts today.  He’s already made his first Minnesota-based hire, Richard Laborde, formerly of NimbeLink and Logic PD.

“IoT is more than a market and an even an industry, it’s a megatrend.  There’s a lot of IoT here in knowledge, talent, customers and partners.”


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