Know This Nerd? Meet Sarah Marrone



Sarah Marrone is a freelance front-end developer in Minnesota.

What initially sparked your interest in technology and what was the first programming language you learned?

In my first job out of college, I was eventually tasked with maintaining the website. This was my first exposure to coding and it got me thinking about pursuing it as a career option. HTML was the language.

What do you do now?

Front-end development, using HTML, Ractive, CSS, Javascript

How did you develop the skillsets to get to where you are today? Did you have formal training or were you largely self-taught?

Kind of a combination, in the beginning I took a couple workshops but was mainly self-taught, lots of Googling. Then when I made the decision to switch careers, I enrolled at Prime Digital Academy and completed their bootcamp. That gave me a good jump start, and from there I’ve continued learning on my own and on the job (and there’s still plenty of Googling).

What tools do you use on a daily basis?

Cloud9 IDE (previously I was using Webstorm), Chrome, Yarn, pen and paper for sketching or mapping out ideas

What is your favorite part of your job?

Learning and troubleshooting. It’s great to be part of a team, to have the opportunity to learn from others and bounce ideas off one another. And then my background in journalism definitely comes out when troubleshooting a problem, I love researching and thinking up possible solutions.

Any advice for people considering a career in programming?

Go for it! It’s an in-demand field and there is such a variety of opportunities (and more diversity in the field is only a good thing). If you’re on the fence, try out some of the online tutorial programs, stop by a local meetup, or reach out to to professionals doing what you’re interested in.

Where do you think technology will be as it relates to you in five years?

I think front end development is going to continue to grow in what can be accomplished, especially with virtual reality and AI.

What was the coolest, but most useless bit of programming you’ve seen lately?

I came across this the other day, not essential but could be interesting to try out.

What are some things you’re into outside of tech?

I’m an avid quilter, so a lot of my free time is spent sewing, drafting patterns, and participating in the local modern quilting community. I also enjoy going old school and shooting a roll of film with my Nikon, trying to win in trivia, finding kitschy treasures at thrift stores, and taking road trips.


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