Dojour’s Founders Are Doing It Over


Dojour isn’t exactly Conor O’Phelan’s first rodeo, though the inspiration for it came from a key lesson of his inaugural ride:

“The more you do this startup stuff, the more you realize how important it is to really be inspired, and we found more of it in the pursuit of this,” he says, contrasting Dojour to his previous pursuit, CourseBeyond.

While CourseBeyond is fully functioning software supported by paying customers, turns out it wasn’t as meaningful as initially thought.

“Helping people get out in the world and do the things that make them happy, that is what we’re about as people and entrepreneurs,” he elaborates with a nod to his brother turned business partner Timmer O’Phelan.

Dojour is based off a simple premise and value proposition — informing people about their favorite events and activities around them, while in turn, boosting turnout for venue hosts.   Their product includes a pair of mobile apps and a backend software platform that syncs with a businesses event calendar and Facebook page.   Long-term as the network builds, the more people hear about events their favorite places, the more turnout the venue hosts will have.

“Organizers generally accept that more people who are aware of events, the more people are likely to go to them. In this way we’re essentially a social calendar company.”

The Happy Gnome, Sisyphus Brewing, and Tin Whiskers are three local examples of Dojour in action, with over 175 others on board.

The apps [iOS + Android] are free for those seeking to broaden their horizons with events and activities based off personal preferences.  On the other side, calendaring is free while customers can pay to use the built in registration and ticketing features offered.

Dojour is currently live around the Twin Cities and in Austin, where Timmer resides, another visibly vibrant city with no shortage of social activities ripe for Dojour.

“We will have succeeded when Dojour is the default destination that people use when they are looking for something to do based on who they are — where they are and what they are into.”

And while Dojour seeks such success, the consummate tech entrepreneur is supporting his newfound inspiration with cash from contracting.

“They are supportive as long as I get my work done,” he says in reference to the relationship between day and night.  “You get used to the lifestyle of salary and security though you have to be committed to weening yourself off while being patient with the process.”


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