Next Twin Cities Startup Weekend EDU Offers CE Credits For Teachers


48+ hour hackathon Twin Cities Startup Weekend Education is returning to Minnesota next month, hosted by St. Catherine University June 16-18, 2017.

Event organizer Siri Anderson says their big goal this year is to specifically engage women — by deliberately designing an accessible and inviting atmosphere that appeals to them. Toward that end, participants this year will be able to apply for some support for their child care needs.

She’s the Director of Graduate Programs for Licensed Teachers at St. Kate and one of seven volunteer organizers of the fourth annual gathering in Minnesota that consistently draws the crowds.  Judges, mentors and coaches from across the sector join those participants who are rapidly prototyping in an effort to create and launch.

For the uninitiated who want a peek at what it’s like there, check out our previous coverage from 2014 & 2016.

“Education is moving into the direction of the type of experiences that happen at Startup Weekend, Anderson says. “We’re even offering continuing education credits to participating teachers.”

Credits for going to Startup Weekend? What a harbinger of the education industrial complex in America.


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