You Deserve To Know Who Pays The Publisher

by The TECHdotMN Team

At the annual annual ‘State of Startups’ session during Minnebar earlier this year, we asked a question: is it important for you to know who is paying the publishers that your read?

Just about every single hand raised, aligning with our beliefs and practices: as a reader, you deserve to know who pays us.  This is not new, it has been that way since day one, we’ve always disclosed 100% of our sponsors (on site and at events) for two reasons:

  1. Because we believe in transparency – especially when it comes to media/publishing/news.
  2. Because our sponsors are awesome – they earn recognition and credit for reinvesting.

Look around the landscape of business media in Minnesota and see it’s not the norm, in fact, quite opposite. You have no idea what corporations, what nonprofits, or what governments are paying these publishers.  They don’t think you should know…and why is that?