OppSource Is The Latest MN Tech Venture To Secure Funding


[Updated 6/14/2018: CEO Mark Galloway says it was $1.8m in total] Lowertown, St.Paul-based OppSource has secured over $1.2M of a $1.5m financing round, according to CEO Mark Galloway.

The first round capital comes at a time for scale, as noted in February when Galloway and partners Damon Lawson and Dan Metzger shared their plans to take their new sales development software platform to the next level.

OppSource actually started as an outsourced managed sales service business in 2008 and transformed into a sales acceleration technology company in 2016.  Their product helps B2B sales prospecting teams of many shapes and sizes organize their day, engage with prospects in their ‘moments-of- interest’, and automate the delivery and execution of multiple touch points to reach today’s sales prospects.

“Our long-standing industry experience and ability to be nimble when it comes to managing the latest trends puts us in the  perfect position to take advantage of market opportunities. This round of funding is a testament  to our vision and will help us accelerate our growth in leading this market.”

They count 8 full time employees with a plan for 15-17 by the end of this year, including a web applications developer.

The round was led by Bozeman, Montana-based Next Frontier Capital and OppSource will be opening an office in Bozeman, Montana for sales and customer service.

“OppSource is at the forefront of a huge market opportunity,” said Next Frontier Capital Founder and General Partner Will Price. “Companies of every shape and industry are re-engineering their  sales processes to align with today’s modern buyer. OppSource offers a solution that is perfectly  timed to help B2B companies modernize their sales engagement and we are happy to be a part of  it.”


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