Meet The 2017 MN Cup Tech Semifinalists



Via News Release

MN Cup is thrilled to announce the 80 MN-based startups advancing to the second round of the 2017 competition. In its 13th year, MN Cup is giving away a record $450,000 in total prize money. Click here to view the 80 semifinalists from eight divisions that will compete for a share of $450,000 in cash prizes, and receive mentoring and support to help make their entrepreneurial ideas a reality.”

From the High Tech Division:

  • Climb – built to help consultants and retailers streamline and automate the sales process on Facebook Live.
  • Extempore – the platform created by teachers to assign simulated conversations and other fluency building activities.
  • Homi – access to the largest community of students and alumni, all here to connect with you.
  • Pursuit Health Technologies – providing an industry leading platform that fundamentally changes the way trainers interact with their clients.
  • Rentable – the online rental equipment marketplace.
  • Rover Development – a technology development company focused on next generation RF sensing  for Internet of Things applications.
  • Starting 11 – is in the business of engaging soccer fans more deeply with the sport and with each other.
  • Team Genius –  is an athlete assessment platform, designed for youth sports organizations.
  • Tenicity – the best tools to learn tennis, track and enhance player development.
  • Trust Funds – eliminates the inefficient and unsecure process of depositing and tracking paper earnest money checks.

Tech-oriented Semifinalists from other divisions:


  • A-Sharp Energy – allows you to learn about community solar and provides a hassle-free way to shop for a subscription.
  • C0sineLabs – integration with devices and connect with every service that makes your life tick at the moment.
  • FLUID – the learning water meter.

Food & Beverage: 


  • Cedar Labs – Universal education data integration. Real-time data exchange. Turnkey solution.
  • Chromatic 3D Materials – next generation of 3D printing materials with the durability to meet the requirements for finished manufactured goods.
  • Corridor Music – an interactive, game-based music theory, ear training and keyboard program created by top music education professionals.


  • Recovree – Supporting and connecting people in addiction treatment aftercare
  • Accessible 360 – Website accessibility is our specialty and passion.
  • Backpack EMR (Binary Bridge) –  for humanitarian medical teams and rural clinics in developing countries, allowing them to serve more people and provide better care than ever before.
  • Learn.Give.Save – the only mobile solution that uses your everyday spending to help you give to causes you care about and save for your future
  • GogyUp – Application that embeds personalized reading instruction within any text accessible on an Android device or the Web.
  • Marbles – free peer mental health support at your fingertips.
  • Edji
  • UR Turn – technology is designed to keep you in the driver’s seat, charting a path for success in school and beyond.



  • DaVinci Industries –  the collaboration of mechanical dynamics and RFID tehnology, bringing facing and inventory tracking to retail consumers.
  • Dotbound – teaching golf professionals sell more lessons while making life easier.
  • Under Recruited Preps – method for athletes to get maximum exposure to college coaches.
  • Venew – Collaborative Event Sharing Platform for your Campus.


  • LittleDuke

    The “high tech” category is a sham — three of them are sports related…

    Also it’s clear to me that AGE BIAS is at play — based on conversations with other candidates who have been passed over year after year. It should be illegal for them to make entrants supply the information as part of the application process IMHO.

    It’s time for a real business plan competition — one that is vetted by the crowd! I’ll be announcing a new competition shortly supported by Strength in Numbers Foundation, the non-profit digital trust I established in concert with Silicon Prairie Online’s “Idea Expo”

    Prizes will include free portal services for the top crowd picked ideas and investment cash prizes for the the best of the best.

    We’re going to rebrand “” — which has been my personal blog space for years.

    Why am I doing this?

    “Because cups are for kids”


    • Jeff Pesek

      would you be saying the same thing if your venture had been selected as a semifinalist?

      • LittleDuke

        Actually yes — my only motivation for getting to the semifinalist round was to get in front of Securian and meet the other people who will STILL need funding regardless if they win the cup or not.

        I was really rooting for the CheckEngine guys which I think is a BRILLIANT breakthrough idea.

        Just like access to capital has been historically controlled by a small group of gatekeepers, I think the “market place of ideas” needs to be open as well.

        I’m more interested in the approximately 1,120 candidates who did not get selected….how do we reach them?


      • LittleDuke

        Another example? Last years division winner VUGO is a wholly bad idea. If I ever get into a Lyft or Uber ride and am subjected to targeted advertising? I’m going to rate the driver ONE STAR. Enough of those and they’ll figure out who pays their bills…