Minnesota Tech Entrepreneur Finds Angel Backing For International Software


Fintech Global, started by local tech entrepreneur Zulfikar Ali, has picked up $100k+ of backing from angels near and far he says.

The proceeds are for expansion of a financial software created by his primary services company Nochallenge Technology that enables individuals in Bangladesh to electronically file, process, and pay their taxes. He likens http://bdtax.com.bd to the TurboTax of Bangladesh.

“The US Market is very saturated,” Ali explains, “Yet there are loads of opportunities right now for international emerging markets like India, with Bangladesh’s population of 160m. Look at Myanmar, Nigeria, Thailand as well — they are immensely populated and all experiencing double digit GDP growth right now.”

Last year, the software was in beta and 2,000+ users tested it out for free. Now this year, Ali says that they are going to charge a flat $15 USD and have over 6,000 users waiting in queue for tax season next month.

The software recently won this entrepreneur the first ever Bangladesh Startup Award 2017 organized by the Bangladesh Government, sponsored by UBER and Grameen Phone.  He says that the exposure has led to recent conversations with Gremeen Phone CEO (the largest telco company in Bangladesh) as a potential channel partner.

That relationship alone could put Fintech Global on the map in no time.


HUSTLE: Zulfikar Ali

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