Q&A With Osborn370 Owners On Their Forthcoming ‘Tech Hub’ In St. Paul


“This is not your father’s office…because you can’t have lightbulb moments under flourescent lighting,” says Osborn370 — the new name for an old building re-opening in downtown St. Paul this fall.

Purchased from Ecolab on July 1 by a group of investors including local angel John Bergstrom and repeat tech entrepreneur Scott Burns, the 20 story edifice bills itself as a “Perfect for start-ups, freelancers and companies of all sizes and sorts.”

So we connected with Bergstrom and Burns to hear more, in their own words, just what’s in store…

What is a hub, is it any different from coworking, and if so, how?

Osborn 370 will be a multi-tenant building that caters to growth and innovation companies. We already know that several high-growth technology companies will be located in Osborn 370 by the end of 2017. The building is large enough to offer community, density and flexibility to the companies that call it home.

Three to five floors will be dedicated to a mix of coworking, shared tenant amenities, flexible suites and accelerator space. The exact mix is not yet final, but the building will accommodate growth companies of all sizes and types.