MN Tech Startup Evolve Rises From The Ashes With New Backing


On the first of June, local tech startup EvolveHQ abruptly announced that operations were ending, citing numerous factors in the decision to quit their decade long pursuit to change the landscape of desktop gaming tools.

Company cofounder Adam Sellke took to their blog with candor on June 1:

“Lack of a viable business model; Investor funding to build viable alternatives (HQ 2.0 and Arenas); Failed acquisition; Stiff competition,” he said of the decision at the time.

Even though PC-gaming platforms were starting to come back around — we saw Amazon buy Twitch and Microsoft move on Minecraft, Evolve couldn’t find its footing after all those years in the mix. These were big deals that proved there still was a market for desktop/PC gaming in the new eras of mobile and social which were sweeping the world with their simplicity and speed of distribution.  Evolve was chugging along, with $2.7m in funding and 3m users on their platform, it just wasn’t enough to find the necessary stride of scale, despite the persistence of Sellke and team over the decade.

“Immediately after our announcement, we starting receiving all sorts of interest in things…acquisitions, partnerships, it was like opportunities came out of the woodwork,” he explains of the circumstances.

“One of those conversations led to a term sheet that we have since executed on and funds are wired. I can’t say who it is right now or anything further about that, other than yes, we are back in business.”

Sounds like that’s where things are at right now and their first priority is to get the platform up and running again so that active users can get back online and using their tools to track and play with friends using multiplayer matchmaking functionality, the core of EvolveHQ.

“We’re going support our community and develop a new path forward in partnership with our benefactor.”

He noted that the new deal does not include any IP from their e-sports blackflag product line.


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