TECHdotMN / Community [alpha]

by The TECHdotMN Team

TECHdotMN / Community was released in alpha back in March and we still have no idea what we’re doing…but something is happening over there and an update:

Update: 6.27.17 – Faces of founders filter added; founders of product-oriented technology companies headquartered in Minnesota, based on tags, sorted alphabetically by last name.

As /community evolves, email us [info at] or leave a comment if you have a feature request to share that could add value to the community at large!


  • Chris Fuller

    Hi, I’m looking for a motivated, hard-working, technically and socially savvy electrical engineer who is interested in forming a start-up company to develop and sell electronics products. This is something we would do in our free time after our day jobs and it will require nearly all of our free time. Email me at Chris.Fuller@Bloomington55425.Com