Minnesota’s Lake County Looks For Exit On Broadband Project



By Lee Schafer, Star Tribune

“One of the biggest projects to bring broadband to rural areas has reached a crossroads with the decision by Lake County to try to sell its Lake Connections broadband operation to, well, anybody who will take it over and keep it going.

Sorry to cast doubt on the odds of a successful sale, but what has been learned so far about bringing broadband to this sparsely populated northeastern part of the state is that it sure won’t be easy. Getting the county out of the deal whole financially won’t be, either.”

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  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    Good reporting, Lee.

    “I’m proud to be working for a county that would even take on something so challenging,” county administrator Matt Huddleston said.”

    Proud….of piling $50m+ of debt onto the backs of the hard working people in their county, and their children.