MN Digital Healthcare Startup ChanlHealth Is Raising $100k


Minnesota digital healthcare Startup ChanlHealth Is Raising $100k in equity, with the first $20k committed, according to this SEC disclosure.

Chanl Health is a digital healthcare delivery company providing mobile technology and resources for cardiovascular disease patients to help them recover and maintain healthy behaviors at home. Their “companion app” converts the patient’s care plan into an easy to follow daily task list, providing reminders and tracking of medication, exercise, self-report surveys and educational material.

It also integrates with popular brands of wearables and home monitoring devices that a patient can use, and is able to analyze the tracked data to deliver concrete feedback to both the patient and their care team. The care team can also receive reports and alerts about the patient’s adherence, identifying high risk trends early on.

The bootstrapped pre-revenue company counts founder & CEO Jared Sieling as the current FTE employee.  Currently partnered with several hospital systems to conduct pilot studies, the capital sought is to gear up for a product launch.

ChanlHealth’s Jared Sieling at the Beta.MN/Showcase in March


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  • LittleDuke

    $100K and an SEC filing? What’s that going to cost??? Seems like it would have better ROI as a MNvest issue…that first 20k committed must be going to cover the legal costs alone…