Minnesota Startup KnectIQ Partners With The University of Illinois On IoT Security



Via News Release

“University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and KnectIQ entered into an agreement to bring enhanced cyber security solutions to the marketplace, including leveraging KnectIQ’s novel authentication technology and the University’s Coordinated Science Laboratory’s (CSL) intrusion detection and intrusion protection systems (IDS/IPS) technology.”

“Securing sensitive information while maintaining its usability is a great challenge for most organizations. In my opinion, KnectIQ is the unique solution to these important problems across many industries, ranging from healthcare to banking, telecommunication and more,” notes Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, a leading trust, privacy and data security research and consulting firm.

Critical national infrastructure (defense, energy, water, finance, transportation and healthcare systems), connected vehicles, command and control systems and the Internet of Things are prime threat surfaces for hackers and others looking to undermine our increasingly connected world. Compromised systems as a result of cyberattacks continue to grow. KnectIQ’s technology secures access to these and other threat points.

KnectIQ, based in Woodbury, MN is a cybersecurity and information security company that secures authentication to networks, gateways, computing devices (including mobile), medical devices, chipsets and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints.

The University of Illinois’ Coordinated Science Laboratory is a premier, multidisciplinary research laboratory that focuses on information technology at the crossroads of computing, control and communications.







  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    Cofounder/CEO Ken Morris adds:

    “KnectIQ has developed a method of securing access to any computing device, network, gateway, mobile platform, chip set among others. The CSL at the U of IL has tech to examine the “cyber health” of platforms. We agreed to work on cyber solutions that protect and monitor access, assure only trusted connections and provide for enhancements to existing data encryption modalities.

    …trusted computing environments (TCE) that provide a platform for a full realization of the benefits of the IOT….new tools and approaches that foster greater business, societal and community collaborations through trusted computing environments (TCE). This strategic alliance provides additional opportunities for adoption
    across a number of verticals that will potentially enhance our revenue* significantly”

    *note that KnectIQ is currently pre-revenue.