mXers Audio Relaunches Modular Earbuds On Kickstarter

mXers Audio is back on Kickstarter with the goal of crowdfunding $15k for their audio hardware startup that sells “fully modular earbuds that provide a wide array of customization, easy repair and functions all with uncompromising sound and quality.”

Since last night, they’ve already reached 1/3 of their goal from 75 backers with a month to go. It’s a strong start relative to last year’s attempt when they tried for $25,000 and only raised $5,000 overall, providing a chance to regroup and relaunch.

“We decided to raise our own funds by taking jobs after that and now we are finally in a really good spot to launch again! This product is totally different as we are now offering Wireless and Bass boosted earbuds to add onto our platform of earbuds,” says Founder & CEO Bharat Pulgam.

Pulgam just graduated from Wayzata High School with plans to attend the University of Minnesota next year and coincidentally mXers was a division semifinalist in the ‘youth’ division of the Minnesota Cup, 2016.

Ambition is conceiving a hardware product company while still in High School and persistence is relaunching on Kickstarter.




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