CEO Pete Clagett Leaves MyMeds, Founder Rajiv Shah Steps Up


CEO Pete Clagett has left emerging healthtech startup MyMeds, according to company founder Rajiv Shah.

Clagett was with the venture for one year, he joined around June 2016 and departed last month, moving on to Walgreens for reasons unknown. Rajiv Shah (left), who founded the digital medication adherence company in 2012, has moved back into the CEO role.

“We’ve made a lot of progress over the past year. Where we are as a company today is infinitely better than we were before Pete joined and it was great working with him while we did,” Shah says.

“From a staff point of view, I’m excited to come back into this role as we continue expanding our team alongside Chief Growth Officer, David Gretsch from AON & Jim Sparks at GO Intellectual Capital as our CFO. MyMeds counts 17 overall employees currently, with 12 local – backed by $3m of early investment.

The product is sold to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), large employers, and insurance health plans, boasting  “a number of paying clients”, including two Fortune 100 companies that recently launched in Q1 of 2017.  Shah says the company’s product goes way beyond just a reminder app and into the human element with a full on platform that “enables interactions between health plan providers and their members like never before.”

“Our engagement has been fantastic, we are surpassing goals and in the midst of raising a series A financing round.”


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