MNvest Portal VentureNear Goes Up For Sale


Venture Near

MNvest portal VentureNear is on the market, listed for sale and asking $50k.
VentureNear was the first state approved equity crowdfunding portal, going live last November as a 3rd party solution for businesses seeking to take advantage of new crowdfunding exemptions from a few months prior.

“It is the first and most successful portal to operate,” says the ad posted on  “Recurring revenue streams through monthly memberships plus additional up-front fees. 2016 revenues were over $45,000 with virtually no outside marketing effort.”

Cofounder Marshall Saunders further explained the motive with this context:

“I’ve been pretty clear since the beginning that I was not in this to run a portal, I just wanted to do offerings on a portal. To do the offerings I had to get a portal up and running and approved by the state. I did that and now I am just focusing on getting the offerings up and running. I’d like someone else to take over running the portal side of things. I plan on being their best customer. We have a couple of good offers on the table and we hope to get something worked out very soon.”


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