Q&A With Conservis CEO Sherman Black On His New Post & $9.5m Funding


Minnesota Agtech startup Conservis reaped more money last month when they secured $9.5m in debt financing from existing investors.

It also marked the first round for new CEO Sherman Black, formerly of Qumu, who quietly replaced founder Patrick Christie last fall.

We connected with Black to hear more about what’s in store for the state’s most prominent agtech venture.

What were you doing prior to Conservis?

I retired in the fall of 2015 and that lasted for about 8 months when I realized that I wasn’t done yet. I received a call from a headhunter about this time last year to assist the founders to operationalize and scale the company. I joined as the CEO in October of 2016.

What about Conservis compelled you to get involved as the leader?