Secured2 Jumps Into The Cybersecurity Insurance Market



Via News Release

“Minneapolis, MN | Washington, D.C. – Secured2 Corporation, in partnership with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global, today announced the creation of a breakthrough cyber liability insurance policy.

This proprietary innovation, available in Fall 2017, will offer a combination of ‘beyond encryption’ data security and indemnification insurance to all customers of Microsoft that are using the Secured2 solutions in Office365 or the Azure cloud.”

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global to offer Secured2 and Microsoft customers indemnification against data loss. Our security combined with indemnification is a defining product for the entire data processing and cybersecurity industry. We can speak with utmost confidence that Secured2 protects your data from all threats including emerging threats like Quantum Computing!” said Daren Klum, CEO of Secured2 Corporation.

The Secured2, Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global partnership creates a bundled solution with Secured2’s ground breaking data security encryption. Additional Microsoft Azure hosted products (Secured2 Depositbox, Secured2 Collaborate and Secured2 API) will also be released in Fall 2017.

“As cyber threats continue to evolve, the best defense is a multi-layered one that addresses liability as well as technology. We are honored to serve as a strategic partner to Secured2 and to co-create new solutions that address these increasingly complex issues,” said Dante Disparte, CEO of Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global.

“The combination of our risk transfer capabilities with the impressive Secured2 solution set is a powerful model for cyber resiliency.” Secured2 was recently named among the top 20 cyber security firms in the country by CIO
Review Magazine and has been recently endorsed by the former head of FBI Cyber Crime Chief Scott Larson. Secured2 has also undergone customer vetting from large Universities, the banking industry, global medical solution providers and multi-national corporations. For more information please visit: com or call 612-756- 7099.