The Next TECHdotMN/Play Founders Getaway Is In Duluth This Fall

by The TECHdotMN Team


TECHdotMN/Play is hosting a getaway for 10 Minnesota tech founders in Duluth the weekend of Nov 9-12. This is the second /play getaway of the sort, building of the positive experiences of the first one.

10/10 Founders that attended the inaugural getaway in February said they would do it again, so let’s go getaway!

*This opportunity is open to any founder/ceo/owner/operator of a Minnesota-based technology company of any size.*

Founders are responsible for transportation there and back — everything else is paid for by key event sponsors: Arthur Ventures and Dundee Venture Capital, who will be present along with guest speakers from Minnesota’s tech industry. Other sponsors include: RedPath & Co. CPAs, Andcor and Merrill Lynch.

Instead of choosing participants based on a first come first serve basis (like before), we will be conducting a lottery in the first half of October and randomly selecting 10 individuals who have applied for the getaway by October 1st, 2017.


  • Mark Gritter

    Sounds like a great opportunity. Too bad I’m already attending a different event that weekend. :(