[PHOTOS] Hack The Heat Brings The Cool Kids Together

“Hack the Heat was another huge success!” exclaims Luke Igel, the high school student who again led by example last weekend at SPS Commerce.

“The turnout was great, both the participants and the mentors/speakers from the community who joined us made it a success all around, it was really fun and inspiring.”

Hack The Heat is a summertime hackathon geared towards Minnesota kids between the ages of 13-18, designed to get them together in one room to organically make, do, and create.  Various project they pursued include:

  • A game engine from scratch using Java
  • Artificial intelligence using Tensor Flow
  • A spotify tool to merge playlists using machine learning

Igel says that this years highlight was the volunteer entrepreneurs, coders, and executives who became intimately involved — a key differentiation from the first iteration Igel hosted this time 2016.

“Having the kids there with their parents and the addition of those from the tech scene created an aura of excitement that really rubbed off on us.”

As far as Hack The Heat III goes next summer, Igel ready to enlist at least one partner in the organization and execution of something that can only get bigger and better from here.

*photos courtesy of Amy Patton & John Kelly


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