Introducing TECHdotMN /Show

by The TECHdotMN Team

Just like we imported Startup School from Ycombinator, we’re taking another page out of the West Coast playbook with /Show.

/Show is a place for technologists from Minnesota’s tech community to share something they’ve coded recently that’s not a polished product or anything close to a company. It’s for others to try out, give feedback on, learn from, ask questions of, or connect with the creator.

/Show is open to anyone in who has made a thing that does a thing…basic code execution with openness of the underlying repository are the two minimum requirements.ย  Any and all entries that meet this will be accepted and published in the order received.

/Show is rolling out in collaboration with the following local groups who, among many others, foster Minnesota tech from the ground up and grassroots style: Enterprise Blockchain Meetup, MN Bot Makers, Pyladies Twin Cities, Google Developers Group Twin Cities, JavaScriptMN and Clojure.MN.

Prime Digital Academy is also a collaborating with us on /show as a value add for their students to share what they are learning with Minnesota’s tech community.

Keep an eye out for /Show as they start popping up on the news stream; anyone can begin submitting their projects below and we’ll be adding new /Group collaborators over time. Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome as /Show evolves….